Synthetic Data

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Image Generation

Generate image samples for A.I model training, by modifying existing images or generating synthetic images using GANs.

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Text Data

We can help collect suitable training data, using data mining, transformation and extraction from various data sources and represent them in the required format.

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Digitising Data

We can scrape data (images and text) from non-structured data sources and produce into an organised format.

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3D Data

We can help simulate real world spaces and objects by creating 3D models and environments, building the ground truth into the dataset.

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Developing a simulator to perform controlled testing before taking it to the real world. This approach saves time and cost, and also eliminates any exposure to physical risk factors which would be present in a real world environment.

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Medical Imaging

Obtaining medical imaging data can be difficult due to privacy and data protection laws. Generating 2D/3D images can provide photo-realistic solutions and is used by many medical organisations and establishments.

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