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Looking for a Startup Consultant? We provide professional and friendly tech advice at every step of your start-up’s journey.


Great visuals and technical designs to help provide a clear understanding of what will be delivered before a single line of code is written.


Our software developers will develop your product, providing regular updates, online and face to face demos throughout the process.


We can also act as your start-up’s CTO or technical representation. This can greatly increase your chances of obtaining further funding or success of a sales pitch.

Perfect for start-ups and accelerators

Reinvent Systems has repeatedly become the choice for many tech founders and start-ups. The key difference in our offering is flexibility, providing multiple options to founders who are looking to either augment their existing development team or use Reinvent Systems for the entire development effort.

Kick start your start-up

Best Practices

From day 1 we start to implement best practices around team communication, source control and documentation.


You retain full control over all intellectual property and the direction of the product.


Complete flexibility to scale up or down our involvement, allowing the ability to stay within your timelines and budget.


We can help increase your speed to market


Innovation is at the foundation of what we offer, we want you to succeed and will always provide professional advice to help produce a more innovative product that benefits your start-up.

Take advantage of our resources

We understand the risks you undertake as a founder of a tech start-up, especially when you don’t come from a technical background.

Risks of Hiring your own Staff

  • The risk of hiring the right staff with the right skills is difficult regardless of the size of organisation, be it a large bank or a newly incorporated start-up.
  • Employee retention can be difficult. How do you avoid staff jumping ship for a more attractive role? The reasons could be financial, team moral, personal circumstances and more.
  • Technical staff can be difficult to understand and manage, occasionally it can feel like they speak an entirely different language.
  • Technical Direction is key. If the leadership is weak then this can in some cases be the key factor between failure and success.
  • Salary expectations, Sick days and Holidays can all introduce delays in delivering your MVP or Product.

Benefits of using Reinvent Systems
Why not leverage our technical team, which eliminates many of the risks mentioned, while providing many advantages?

  • You get access to our Software Architects and Company Director, providing valuable CTO-ship, technical direction, team leadership and an overall trusted advisor.
  • Access to highly qualified software developers and engineers.
  • ZERO cost for sick days and holidays.
  • We take responsibility for providing cover for sick days and holidays to maintain the project plan and deadlines.

Choose An Engagement Model

Reinvent Systems offers multiple engagement models. We can extend your team on a part-time or full-time basis. Our engagement models have been designed to give you complete flexibility.

How can we help you?

  • We are a UK based Tech Partner
  • We encourage office and face to face meetings
  • Unlike others we do not outsource any of your work
  • 100% skills promise, we have the skills in-house
  • We average 15 years of experience in software development
  • Proven Start-up experience

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