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Looking for a startup CTO?

The roles and responsibilities of a CTO can vary between startups, the split between managerial and technical duties can differ. This can clearly be seen by the countless number of job posts stating their requirements using a percentage split.

Some are more inclined to seek an individual with stronger managerial skills where others may prefer a technically hands-on CTO that can keep a closer eye on development.

Whichever your preference, the importance of a CTO for your startup cannot be stressed enough.

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Do you really need a CTO?

You could argue whether or not you really need a CTO for your startup. Some startups get by fine using an existing senior developer or by promoting someone into the CTO position who has an I.T background.

The issue that many startups face by taking this approach, is the loss of time required for that individual to acquire the necessary skills to undertake the wider set of responsibilities expected.

What traits should you look for in a good CTO candidate?

  • Strong technical background
  • Relevent experience
  • Deep expertise of technologies
  • Proven experience with building and managing development teams
  • Perfect communication skills
  • Leadership traits

What does a CTO do?

The CTO as with all c-level positions is referred to as an executive role, which includes technical and non-technical responsibilities.

In a nutshell, the startup would look to the CTO to provide technical direction to help mitigate risks, overcome challenges and to help innovate to increase the chances of success. Here are a few examples.

Technical responsibilities

  • I.T Strategy
  • Product Road Map
  • Technical Team Recruitment
  • Technical Direction & Vision
  • Product Development

Non-technical responsibilities

  • Budgeting
  • Board Meetings
  • Team Management
  • C-Level & Investor Relations
  • Pitching & Presentations
  • Strategies to help increase revenue

What does a CTO cost?

As the CTO is an executive position, which requires both strong managerial and technical expertise, you can expect that these skills don’t come cheap.

The average salary in the UK is: £85K-110K per annum.

Most organisations, small, medium or large that have a technical function are likely to have a CTO position. Due to this the demand for good CTOs is very high, and retention is usually low.

What can we do for you?

Assisting CTO

If your current CTO is having trouble handling the immense amount of jobs required to reach your goal we can lend a helping hand to get you over the line.

Tech gap CTO

Sometimes a CTO may not have all the relevent knowledge about a specific technology. Our CTO has over 15 years experience with multiple technologies past and present meaning we won't be caught off guard.

Advising CTO

Need a CTO that can take on any task both technical and non-technical? Our CTO will get you up and running in no time whether it's hiring staff, architecture, design, devlopment or pitching we have you covered.

How does it work?

The typical stereotype of a Startup, primarily comes down to the limited amount of funds available vs. getting your idea off the ground.

It can be a risky endeavour hiring a full time CTO, this can be due to the high salary expectations of today’s CTOs vs. the risks of employee retention, depleting funds and skills promise.

This is the gap that CTO-as-a-service fills.


  • Technical Leadership
  • Architecture, Design, Direction
  • No full-time cost commitment
  • Independent Advice
  • Help Pitching
  • Investor Confidence
  • Hiring, Managing, Coaching

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