Web Based Development

Web Applications

We cater the needs of different industrial fields with customized solutions that include e-commerce, e-learning, content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and much more.

The e-commerce portals and websites help to promote the products online without a physical store removing the barrier on time and distance. It provides a convenient shopping with comparison and choices economically.


We also provide a complete content management solution exclusively for the business people who can design and develop their own dynamic website within minutes. It allows to manage their own home page, product page, service page, client page, logos, testimonials and much more. The CMS acts as an effective solution to manage the enterprise documents across the web.

The CRM solution elevates the sales level and enhances the project management and service. It is provided in the cloud-based collaboration platform. The ERP software automates and integrates all the processes across the organization such as accounting, manufacturing, sales and marketing etc. This streamlines the process of product development and manufacturing. Both CRM and ERP are available for all types of businesses.


Reinvent Systems provide all types of application development services using the technologies:

  • .Net
  • Share Point
  • HTML5 Development
  • Java
  • Open Source Technologies
  • PHP

Web Design

With more and more lives circling over the Internet, you can be sure that you are hitting a fine target if you decide to take on the large amount of profit available on the Internet. But wait, there is so much more to think about than just deciding to make a website and capitalize on it.

What it Takes to be Recognized Online

If you still don’t know it, the world of web is such a big arena to invade. Typing something on the search bar and seeing millions of websites in the results page should tell you that your website could not be the only thing there is. To make profit out of an online venture, you need to be clicked. You need people to take interest in the contents and overall makeup of your website. You cannot be just one of them or one of those. You need to be one of the best!


Web designing is an art of etching the organization role and capacity appropriately to the world to elevate the company image and earn valuable customers. We are expert in designing and developing websites that are dynamic and cost effective.

Creativity is the essence of every website that we have developed and reflects the precision and quality introduced in every aspect of website design & development. We provide exclusive web designs that are fast loading and simple yet attractive. We are expert in handling the multimedia contents at right proportion to enrich your website with best visibility.

Web on the go!

A mobile website design delivers an optimised view of your existing website and brand to maximise the browsing experience of your visitors. By detecting the device being used, we present a mobile layout design with condensed content in a format which is more legible and will load faster on mobile network connections. Your existing website can remain unchanged and a mobile website design is a very cost effective way to improve your online marketing activity.

With the growing trend for mobile browsing, isn't it time you discovered how to improve your web presence. Get in touch and we will provide a quick overview of the benefits of a mobile website design.

What does this mean to you? In short it is essential your website will display well and work on mobile devices. Furthermore a website or application developed specifically for use on these devices may transform the fortunes of your business in the years to come.

Mobile Browsers

A website developed specifically to display on the smaller screens of mobile devices will ensure your visitors can find the key information they need, quickly and easily - even when experiencing limited connection speeds. Usually created alongside your main website we detect the browsing device being used to automatically display a version of your content which ensures you maximise the potential of every hit.

We deliver simplified menus, easy to navigate interfaces based on touch screen technologies, limited use of optimised images, effects and graphics to ensure usability. Content can be drawn from existing databases to enable easy management and updates of content via a central adimistration point.

QR Codes

We are experienced in the creation and placement of QR codes. A QR code is one of those little black and white squares of seamingly random 'pixelelated squares' which are appearing on products and communication pieces.

QR codes are already a major part of day to day lives. Billboards, products, signage, retail environments and much more feature these codes to help consumers find essential information. Google is even featuring them on their business cards.

When the code is scanned by a smartphone (increasingly standard functionality), specific information, such as contact information, vcards, shopping information with price comparisons and reviews are displayed.

Although an emerging technology in the UK, we believe there is huge potential for this form of data sharing and transfer. if you would like to know more about how your product, services or sales processes could benefit from QR codes, please get in touch.

Corporate Branding

Branding has never been as important as it is today. With the exponential growth of internet uptake, existing and potential customers have access to an unlimited amount of information and, importantly, choices. This means that for every customer that chooses you, there will be hundreds that choose someone else. Your brand must therefore carry a message that is immediately captivating.

Not just a name

Developing a brand is a delicate process, which must take into account your company’s core values, and translate them into something compelling and memorable. The age-old adage rings truer than ever: your brand is not simply a name, it is an experience. Where is your brand? Where does it need to be? We ask you what your core values are, what you hope to achieve with your business and what you envision your company developing into. We then take your answers, develop them and translate them into a tangible form. Do your core values include integrity, transparency and customer satisfaction? Let us help you develop a brand that reflects those values.

Develop a Brand

The development process involves in-depth research into your company’s strengths and weaknesses, your target customers, the marketplace, your competition and much more. We incorporate your company’s direction and goals, as well as the needs and desires of your target customers, into the process of building your branding strategy. A strong brand will not only increase awareness of you company, it will also increase loyalty. We will help you to strategically position your brand in the market, in absolute terms as well as in relation to your competitors.

At the end of this process, we can guarantee you a unique brand that is both engaging and relevant to your customers. It will carry with it both your company’s values and those of your target group. Using our expertise in style and thematic design, we will take your corporate identity further than you ever believed it could go.

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