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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Organizations around the world always want to reach their customers on time. Smartphone helps organizations to interact with their customers instantly. Custom mobile applications boost the functions and performances of the smartphone.

We develop customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms. Some of our mobile applications are successfully used in GPS, Social networking, group deal sites, deals aggregator, maps, game applications, payment gateway, shopping cart etc.

We have extensive experience and expertise in developing highly interactive mobile applications using the latest operating systems that are extremely user-friendly and functional. We create value-added mobile apps on various platforms as per your specific needs.

Mobile Services

Mobile Services

We provide services to develop all kinds of apps including business apps for asset tracking, air ticket booking, GPRS road map, vendor apps, 3D games apps, social application apps etc. Our dedicated team will meet your needs with fast turnaround time in a cost effective manner. Reinvent Systems mobile apps developers are well-versed in all latest technologies to develop the mobile applications to your custom requirements.

By making your web applications accessible on different leading mobile platforms, you can attract and retain more customers thus increase your profit. We are field expert in developing the cross platform mobile apps that will suit to different platforms. Cross platform development reduces the technical barriers with less time to develop the apps.

No Limits

We provide apps development across all the industry verticals. We take extreme care to design the apps with best user interface that allows the users to access the contents intuitively. You will find our apps development highly inventive and creative with best logics and design. All our games can make you addicted. Our mobile application development will be worthwhile for your investment providing the maximum ROI.

There is no limitation for the variety of apps that we develop with unique features. You will find a cohesive atmosphere with us for developing your mobile applications. We make your apps matching to your vision and concept in your mind. We strive to bring your apps to reality.

iOS iPhone & iPad

iOS iPhone & iPad

iPhone is an ideal platform to develop all sorts of mobile applications that supports to make flexible and user friendly apps.

  • We develop highly precise, interactive, and easy to use apps suitable to the needs.
  • We provide all types of apps development including air-ticketing, widgets, social media integration, website creation etc.
  • Our experienced iPhone app programmers are well-versed with the Apple’s iOS platform with field knowledge in Xcode, Cocoa Touch Framework, and Objectice C.
  • Our apps are complete with secured payment gateway integration

We undertake iPhone application development for the needs of different fields like business, entertainment, social networking, shopping, navigation, browsing and much more. Due to the increasing number of iPhone users, organizations can reach the customers in easy and effective ways via iPhone mobile applications.

In-depth technical knowledge is the key for our success in developing unique apps. We design, develop and deploy mobile applications for various iPhone devices. Our killed iphone developers find you feasible solutions to your business needs. Our team develops iphone applications right from scratch by coordinating with the clients. Our graphics designers can design personalized Mock, Prototype for iphone applications.

Social Networking

The iPhone has advanced features to integrate the social networking with your existing iPhone applications to send mail, share information, share videos or photos, contacts, messages, games score, and much more. The iPhone can swiftly access the internet via 3G or WiFi.

We provide services to develop iPhone social networking apps utilizing all the native features of the iPhone device. The main advantage for developing iPhone application is that it allows the native apps to access the social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other internet tools.

Business and Sales Application

iPhone is one of the favorable platform for developing business and sales applications. With a growing acceptance of iPads and iPhones within the enterprise, it is the right time to consider what kind of apps will boost your business and sales.

We provide services to develop creative iPhone apps that can increase your sales and flourish your business. The iPhone provides the conducive environment to build apps that can access the data from spreadsheet or text documents. The business apps has capabilities to mobilize the project management, tasks, and reports.

The iPhone/iPad sales apps give the flexibility to manage the sales activities with informative alerts and analytical report. Apps will be useful to view the sales log from anywhere and log in the details after the meeting with clients. We also provide iPhone apps for business card in text format that can be searched easily by the clients to reach you. Your business can be profitable with the apps for receiving the latest business news and share market news.

Games Development

The iPhone and iPad have wonderful features like high resolution, crystal clear display, and powerful processor that highly suits for developing colorful games.

We at Reinvent Systems are always focusing on offering our customers the best value for their money. We are dedicated in providing applications that are i-Phone friendly, which you can use on your i-Pad as well.

Widget Development

Widgets are small apps that keeps the interaction ongoing with the users such as the buttons, popups, progress indicator etc. We create innovative widgets for iPhone with best user interface. Our developers have expertise in customizing your widget with themes and design.

The multitouch support and touch screen available with iPhone are added advantage for developing widgets in iPhone. Users can also use these widgets in iPhone social networking apps for bookmarking or downloading.

We follow a systematic approach for developing each widget. Our programmers carefully define and specify the objectives for the widget to chart out user flow. The widget concept is visualized to develop in iPhone platform. Every widget created is tested vigorously for functionalities, bugs, and errors which are fixed appropriately. We give importance to quality and consistency in every widget development.

Mobile Website Development

With the advent of mobile technology, people tend to browse the internet through mobile. This has made it highly essential for the companies to develop the websites suitable for clear display on the mobile platform.

We are involved in designing and developing websites compatible for iPhone and iPad platform. We also do re-engineering of existing website to suit the mobile version. We create specific websites that take advantage of the unique iPhone interface and features. It also serves to target audience.

Web Service Intergration

It is commonly seen these days that websites are surfed via iPhone. If the website is not compatible with the mobile technology, there will be display error causing a loss of customer conversion to the website owner. Thus, it has become obvious that more than owning a website, one should own a website that is compatible with mobile. This cannot be the rule everywhere since there are enormous number of websites that were developed before the invention of iPhones. To overcome this barrier, iPhone web service integration solves the issue by making these sites compatible with iPhones.


The Java-based Android is a wonderful platform for the smart phones that support various application developments. Android helps to create innovative and dynamic third party applications

  • We custom design, develop, test and deploy Android apps of your choice.
  • Our team is well versed with Android SDK and API with complete knowledge of the Android platform that is adaptable to larger, VGA, 2D graphics library, 3D graphics library based on OpenGL ES 1.0 specifications, and traditional smart phone layouts.
  • We do customized application development ranging from asset tracking to advertising, gaming to messaging and voicing, GPS to multimedia applications.
  • We deliver quality apps with high performance and utility

Android application development market is booming and there is a great demand for developing custom applications for different purposes. Android being an open source provides a flexible platform to develop feature-rich apps. We provide services to develop quality Android apps at affordable cost.

Web Based Applications

Android platform is based on Linux which makes it very stable for all kinds of web application and web-based application development. We are proficient in providing a variety of mobile applications using Android platform.

Bespoke Applications

The Android applications are built around Linux core, which gives them the stability and protects them from crashing. Our Android developers are well versed in developing custom Android applications customized to your specific needs. We have profound knowledge in Android SDK for best mobile application development.

We provide custom Android applications development services in the field areas like business & finance, entertainment, gaming, multimedia, personal utility/lifestyle, travel mobile, social networking, communication, health, etc.

Multimedia and security solutions

Our Android application development team believes in developing cost-effective solutions. We have developed many customized Android mobile applications that have multimedia features and security measures.

Our designers have strong knowledge base in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc to provide the best multimedia service for your apps. They are good at creating beautiful icons with good user interfaces. With increased usage of mobiles, it has become imperative to have websites that display properly on mobile phones.

Communication Application Development

The communication applications assist for easy communication by adding new functionalities to your phone. While most of the apps are focused on enhancing the texting or imaging option, we also provide variety of other Android apps that serves for different purpose. The Android communication mobile application is an integrated application using service-oriented architecture (SOA) which includes many communication technology components.

Mobile Business Software

Businesses are adopting mobile applications as a means to capture business critical information from all the mobile user group in their place. There is widespread adoption today across many industries for purposes such as:
  • Asset tracking
  • Customer sales/support
  • Security
  • Remote plant equipment management
  • Health care and media distribution
A suitable app developed around the business needs can increase the productivity with less dependency on time and place. The apps can help to access the files and multiple devices across various locations to get the information instantly. The Android mobile platform provides various features that support development of business apps that aids multitasking. The Android-based applications can be used for various business purposes. We have expertise in creating Android business software applications, testing, and porting to mobile devices.
Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile

The Windows is the most widely used platform for mobile application development since it is user friendly as well as provides intuitive user interface.

  • We develop customized Windows mobile applications cost effectively
  • Our team is expert in major Windows mobile platforms, such as Windows mobile 2003, Windows mobile 6.0, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2003 and all other latest versions.
  • We provide application development services for all industry verticals including small to medium business, retail, healthcare, entertainment, education, weather, multimedia, utility etc.
  • We enhance your apps with best features providing prime importance to the quality of app.

Due to its wide range of user friendly applications, windows mobile applications are liked by millions of mobile phone users. Corporate and businesses are the most active among them. Windows platform is preferred by both technical and non-technical people.

There is no limitation for the variety of apps that we provide as a solution to our customers. We develop the apps according to the requirements with proper analysis. You can also enjoy our best consultations from our experts who can provide you with useful tips to make your apps development complete.

The Windows supports the development of business apps with multiple features to manage all your office documents on the mobile. We utilize all the advantageous features of Windows platform to deliver the most entertaining apps for you.

Business & Productivity

The Windows OS for mobiles are more successful because of its powerful development platform. It provides stable security and deployment tools. The OS is user-friendly and has well-known operation sets. The Windows OS has a major advantage over other mobile platforms as it can integrate with enterprise IT solutions such as Exchange and SharePoint.

The business people use the MS office extensively such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Exchange etc which is availabe with Windows phones and can be used for developing many business and productivity applications. These can also be synchronized with Sharepoint. Thus, window-based applications are considered to be much safer.

Social Media Application

Windows Mobile is Microsoft's compact operating system designed for use in Smart phones and mobile handsets and we extend to offer exclusive Windows Mobile Application Development services for Windows Mobile apps.

Social media is how people spend their time online, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. There are many channels to market your business or product but one of the most engaging is building a social media application.

Multimedia Applications

The Windows Mobile Multimedia offers a considerable enhancement to your mobile's potential uses such as applications that deliver mobile audio and video streaming, mobile system management and secure financial data, etc.

The Windows Mobile OS is well-known for its user-friendly structure and its multimedia quality. This has encouraged programmers to develop a good amount of applications for the operating system.

Lots of multimedia application is available in the market that supports best productivity of your business. There are also many custom-made applications available to you at nominal cost.

Utilities Application Development

Windows Mobile operating system was developed by Microsoft and is used in smart phones and mobile devices. The current and last version is "Windows Mobile 6.5". It is based on the Windows CE 5.2 kernel, and features a suite of basic applications developed with the Microsoft Windows API.

There are lots of freeware as well as paid utilities application available in the market. We at Reinvent Systems do customized development of utilities applications for the users of windows mobile. We at Reinvent Systems provide you with customized development for utilities application on windows mobile.

Communications Application Development

Mobile Communication Application is an integrated application that includes a set of communication technology components using a particular service-oriented architecture (SOA) to increase the quality of user's experiences. Such applications provide highly secure services such as messaging, voice, conference call, authentication and inbound short message service and more.

We at Reinvent Systems also provide custom-made solutions to improve your commuications on Windows mobile platform.

Internet Applications Development

In today’s fast-paced environment, Smartphone and Internet go hand in hand, and Windows Mobile augments it. The windows mobile technology allows users to browse the internet, send and receive emails, prepare presentations, etc.

Mobile Internet Applications allow mobile users to connect to the World Wide Web or to access the web pages from their mobile device. These days everyone seems to be connected with the world using wireless devices and amazingly mobile phone is the most commonly used wireless device.

Mobile Internet Applications can include a wide variety of applications that help to connect to the internet for playing online games such as chess etc.

Internet Explorer Mobile is a full-featured Internet browser that is optimized for devices with small, vertically oriented displays. HTML functionality for the mobile Internet browser includes support for tables, forms, and frames.

The integrated tools and technologies of the flash platform including Flex, Flash Builder, Flash Player, and AIR can be used to deliver RIAs to the mobile devices.


Blackberry is the most preferred platform for developing complex business applications with rich multimedia and graphic features blended to your customization.

  • We are involved in developing all kinds of Blackberry application development customized to your requirement.
  • Our skilled professionals have expertise in developing business-centric apps or standalone applications with quality irrespective of the project size.
  • We explore the potential of Blackberry extensively by utilizing the native features and widgets development for making quality apps.
  • The multitasking environment of Blackberry along with third party integration features are aptly deployed in our apps for adding the functionalities.

Blackberry presents versatile tools and features that support swift development of applications. We are one of the field experts in Blackberry application development handling the tools appropriately to deliver your requirements. We provide best combination of productivity applications to customize the capabilities of Blackberry to match your own special requirements.

Blackberry supports highly reliable J2ME and Java programming environment that allows our programmers to develop thrilling and inspiring games.

Business and Productivity Applications

Blackberry has versatile productivity tools to develop the most powerful solutions for business applications. Apart from the device features like internet faxing and web browsing, Blackberry supports various applications that supports business productivity. Our expertise lies with blending of Blackberry capabilities to provide the right productivity applications customized to your business needs.

Irrespective of the organization’s size or industry specialization, Our Blackberry apps development includes the field service, sales force automation, enterprise data access, business intelligence, location based services, work flow, and much more. The seamless integration of the applications that can access the business data using the mobile phones can help to improve the business productivity of your organization.

The Blackberry apps are available for all purposes including simple SMS handling to complicated business commerce applications to manage invoicing, credit card, money transaction, bar code transaction, etc.

Social Media Applications

Blackberry is a powerful tool for the business people to stay connected with all the time. There was a time when the Blackberry mobile device was utilized only by the business class, but now it has changed in the past few years. These days the young crowd also have a Blackberry. The social networking sites also have grown by leaps and bounds forming networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare and much more. To interact with the varied networks, mobile users need to install separate applications for each network.

We are involved in developing customized social media apps for Blackberry in all fields. We develop suitable applications for automatically updating your location with tweet, send videos, upload photos and much more. Users will have the facility to post their update or get the updates of other users using the social media apps.

Utilities Applications

The Blackberry is preferred by the business people since it has much more features than just a phone. The utilities apps of Blackberry enhances the regular features and provides more exploratory facilities like editing photos, ring scheduling, call blocking, dictionaries, voice and visual mail etc.

Blackberry OS supports various utilities that makes life easy with apps for all the small tasks. These apps help to use the existing features of the Blackberry device efficiently to get the needed information. We provide dedicated service to develop useful utility apps in Blackberry.

Our Blackberry Development team have extensive expertise in developing mobile business solutions. Our team always focuses on technical excellence that delivers business value. We ensure excellent skill pool so that you can achieve cost-effective and flexible services for your business.

Communication Applications

The Blackberry provides rich facilities for communicating with friends or family. It offers plenty of features for all groups. One can chat with friends at anytime or stay connected with LinkedIn. You can also upload photos to other social networking sites like Flickr or Facebook. The communication apps development in Blackberry is doing the job even more better.

The Blackberry communication apps keeps the communication line open with everyone from anywhere in the world. It can enhance the way a call can be made or send instant messages for effective communication. The Blackberry communication apps will be helpful for establishing a social connect with best contact management.

We develop Blackberry communication applications across a wide area of usage & functionality. These applications enhance the user experience to a large extent.

Internet Applications

More and more people use their smart phones to interact with multiple online social networks of friends and families. The BlackBerry Internet applications includes an email and Internet service for BlackBerry devices that is designed to provide users with automatic delivery of email messages, wireless access to email attachments, and access to Internet content. It also includes support for direct HTTP and TCP/IP connectivity to the Internet from a third-party BlackBerry Java Application.

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