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An SEO campaign that delivers high search engine rankings with no significant impact on the bottom line is an unsuccessful one. Rankings are simply a means to an end. SEO should always have an emphasis on generating enquiries and increasing sales.

For many sites, a lot of relevant traffic could potentially arrive via longer search terms that are related to the company’s main services. These long tail search terms – three, four or five word phrases – might not have been targeted in that exact form, but they can nevertheless account for the vast majority of search traffic arriving at a site.

Not only are there greater numbers of people using longer search terms, but this traffic is also more likely to convert into leads or sales. A person using a longer search term generally has a more specific need in mind.

When considering lead generation, we look at the following:

  • Headline keyword optimisation
  • Service page optimisation
  • Homepage and deeper linking
  • Usability and conversion optimisation
  • Google Places optimisation – where relevant
  • Optimising for long tail search traffic via the optimisation or addition of relevant blog content

The process is considerably more complex than that, with Google having said that when calculating rankings it considers over 200 factors – some with up to 500 variations. Nevertheless, these three points stand as a good framework for any SEO campaign.

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