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SEO for an e-commerce site requires a very different approach to SEO for a small business. Rather than trying to target a limited number of keywords and services, effective SEO for e-commerce should target thousands of individual keywords, which represent your products, categories and sub-categories as well as your headline terms.

These phrases are used to create a keyword pyramid for your site, in which the large numbers of product keywords at the bottom of the pyramid are much more important in generating sales than the small number of headline keywords targeted on your home page. This is the SEO pattern commonly used by all major online retailers.


This philosophy is central to the way We approache the optimisation of e-commerce websites. We believe good SEO practice involves being commercially aware and not just technically excellent. To this end, we also include usability and conversion checks as part of our standard package.

Our SEO for e-commerce package

  • Optimisation of all relevant areas of a site
  • Campaign targets for traffic and revenue
  • Home page linking
  • Deeper linking
  • Programming work on standard e-commerce packages
  • Product feeds
  • Conversion and usability analysis

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